I found a cool wardrobe previsualization tool: Looklet
You’ll find me there at: http://looklet.com/user/25068

This is the look I’ve designed there for:

=== VB05 – Golden / Red ===

VB04 will follow the Looklet previz as closely as possible. No, I’m not holding my breath to find a Missoni scarf or Philippe Matignon tights in SL, but I’m sure it shouldn’t be too hard to find exciting SL designers with fashions that beautifully realize this previz. So if you’ve seen red tights, a gold-pattern wool scarf, or a simple, elegant high bun updo – give me a shout!

UPDATE: The Golden Scarf will be an SL design contest!
VB04 will be performed 07-07-09 at St. Leo University in Florida, from 2-4pm, SLT

(I’ve already started lobbying the Looklet folks to include SL designers in their previz)


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