This previsualization isn’t actually about the clothing or hair depicted. It’s about the skin. Two days ago, VB03 depicted an extraordinary range of female identities. From little Dawns whose wrists, if it’s possible, are actually smaller around than mine (I checked!) to flambouyant Jennni, towering Aja, and so many in various directions.

The bodies in SL often seem to cover a disappointingly narrow range, but in this performance they certainly went far beyond that in so many individual directions.

And the skin too, covered many, many bases. Still, it was all in the lighter half of the tonal spectrum. Without really going totally pallid either. Yet the actual human race spans so many tonalities.

I’d like to produce a future performance using a range of the lightest and darkest skins in SL. (eg: the 1/2’s and 7/8’s from Chai) Both culturally and formally this range would be a dynamic, compelling experience.


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