My “Single” friends

I’m going thru some serious withdrawal pains with Touchgraph being down. (it still works for other people, it’s just down for me, and apparently for some small percentage of Facebook/Touchgraph users. IDK why)

So I’ve been shopping for alternate FB Friend Visualizations. Unfortunately, TG really seems to be the most dynamic & elegant. I found one called Visualizer:

Visualizer “looks” like Touchgraph, but doesn’t seem to elucidate the rich network topologies that TG does. Visualizer seems to have a dating, or something like that, perspective, since it sorts your friends by gender and/or relationship status.

On this page I’ve used Visualizer to sort my 400 friends by relationship status — the image above is Single, and the images below are:

• In A Relationship:

• In an Open Relationship:

• “It’s Complicated”:

• Engaged:

• Married:

• Relationship Status Indeterminate:

as always, click the image to see a larger image with all the juicy details!