STILETTO MOODY by Vaneeesa Blaylock

Hi Guys!

I got a new postcard from Vaneeesa! I think maybe she misses the shoes more than she misses us! (*giggles*) Anyway, here’s what she said:

Dear Aero,

kk – guilty pleasure confession time: Besides all the amazing people, the thing I miss most about SL is the shoes! The other grids have a lot to offer, but no grid in the multiverse beats SL for great shoes.

I hope you’re enjoying them!

xoxo, Vaneeesa

Anyway, lots of cool, new blogs are coming soon! Vaneeesa’s working on her not-that-secret “VBCO/Multiverse” announcement. And I’m trying to write up the info she gave me for the Previz for VB23 – New Clothes. Oh yes, and I’ll also be explaining and apologizing (sowii!) for how it got moved from December 4th to January 15th. So look for lots of fun blogging in the next few days! ๐Ÿ™‚

Drop me an IM in Second Life anytime! I hope I can see some of you guys before the holidays!

โ€” Aero


  1. OMG, Of course she misses the shoe. After Shopping for a couple of years in SL I realized that I was being cheated as a man when it came to clothing. So I created a female avatar and went shopping. I couldn’t stop, I love womens shoes in RL and in SL.
    Men cover their feet to protect them.
    Women ADORN them.
    I think I have every pair of N-Core, some from Moody, several from J’s and I could go on.
    Funny thing is, I’m a man in RL and not at all feminine but who can resist making an avatar look like a little jewel? This is art!

    Dino Ferina
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