I’ve been to a few cool dance clubs in the virtual world, and I really wanna go to a lot more! My friends Megumi, Shanna, and I are all Virtual Teens now — giggles — who thought we’d actually survive this long! I’ve known Megumi since we were, like, Virtual 7!

Anyway, tonight I finally got to see a place I’ve heard so much about, The Tunaverse! It’s run by Tuna Oddfellow and it’s SO cool!



There’s more videos of the club, but I didn’t put them cause you just don’t get the feeling, when you’re at Tuna’s you’re TOTALLY surrounded by it. Way immersive! It’s like sensory overload, but in a good way! 🙂

The club scene is visual overload and the music is in kind of a techno/trance space.

These are the best pix I could get, but you totally have to check it out. Here’s The Tunaverse group if you wanna join for info on club hours and stuff:

I think The Tunaverse is open Sunday, Wednesday and special occasions. Check it out!

SO Fun!
Trippy Lights!


— Aero

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