I live on the balcony of a lighthouse I built, originally, in Second Life. In a world where climate is an aesthetic choice, not a natural condition that can oppress or kill you, I just don’t see a reason to live with a roof over your head. I love convertible cars in the physical world; I love “convertible housing” in the virtual world; I love the clouds of day and the stars of night.

I exported/created a similar lighthouse InWorldz.

Today I exported/imported both the SL and the IW lighthouses to OS Grid. The image above is the 2 houses as imported to OSG. One, obviously, is missing textures, and it’s also missing the balcony because that was made from a megaprim created by somebody else. Of course, there’s no way to make/own your own megaprim in some worlds, they can only be someone else’s creation.

I’ll let you guess which lighthouse above is SL > OSG and which is IW > OSG

— VB

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