The VB/CO Villa from VB28 – The Seniors Project is now available free (L$0) on Marketplace.SL

Since the performance I’ve made 2 additions: a balcony atop the southern colonnade, and a slightly-more-modern-than-Roman, but still very useful, treadmill desk:

VB28 – The Seniors Project
@VB/CO Villa, Biscuit Bay, An Li
Saturday 18 June 2011

Performance Doc:
Site Plan:
Raw Images:

Here is an image of your new villa showing only those elements included in your rez box:

And here is an image of your new villa showing examples of NOT-Included pillows, plants, fish, etc:

• The rez bottle is 7-prims and the Villa inside when rezzed will be an additional 541-prims. Over half the prims are columns. If you would like to replace the columns with 1-prim columns you can have a dramatically smaller prim usage

• You probably want to terraform a trough of water to run thru the center of this build.

• When you rez it, you will probably need to push the concrete blocks down manually as they can’t be auto-rezzed much below ground level.

• The large London / Sapporo plasma screens, and the treadmill desk computer monitor require an SLviewer2-based viewer like Firestorm or Kirstens.

♥ The “Plasma Portal” inside the Black Monolith was created by Pennyroyal Calamity.

♥ The twin camels on either side of the large plasma TV’s were created by Bethi Catteneo
BC Group in Second Life:

♥ The sculpt maps for the rocks at the N & S semicircular ends were made by es0 Torok

♥ The textures for the classical columns were made by E&D Engineering



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