BEIJING / TOKYO, 26 May — Just when you thought you knew all the virtual worlds in the world, iRez sources revealed today that both China and Japan have their own, Sex and Gambling Free, Second Life-Like Virtual Worlds! While everyone at the iRez translation desk was apparently asleep today, it appears that both services may be in-country only and blocking foreign IP addresses. After all, you can’t really have a Joseph DeLappe avatar running around trying to free Tibet, now can you!?

Japan’s Meet-Me:

China’s HiPiHi:

The Meet-Me website is in Japanese and a little hard for this blogger to decipher. The HiPiHi website has an English version that makes signup and software downloading very easy. But when trying to login I get this alert screen, which our uncertain translator thinks might be an IP address block:

Image of HiPiHi login screen with alert in Chinese

Avatar in front of futuristic car in front of Apple Store in Chinese Virtual World HiPiPHi

Image of elements from HiPiHi website featuring sponsor logos from IBM, Intel, etc, and contact links
R E L A T E D . M A T E R I A L S


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    1. haha, yes. I never heard of either, either! They both look pretty close to an SL type world… although there may be differences my eye’s unaware of.

      I almost got in to try HiPiHi… would have been fun!

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