Hand printing on pink lined sheet of paper. Writing describes "My body is my temple" and dressing more sensibly

WASHINGTON, DC, 1984 — Oh gawd, stop laughing! What self-respecting DC 15-year-old wouldn’t wear stilettos and ridiculously tight pants?

Photograph of skirted corset cut out and scotch taped onto pink lined paper with "Bardot etc!" hand written on the skirt

THE HAGUE, 2012 — All of these “diary” or “journal” entries or “scrapbook” pages are bits, moments, ephemera, detritus, of my past, mostly from a big box or “time capsule” I’ve kept. This one is slightly different in that 15-year-old me has cut something out and taped it down in her diary… and now 28 years later, 43-year-old me has taken that and “taped” it down in her new media diary.

Very meta.