KONINKLIJK CONSERVATORIUM, 1996 — Me, being a dweeb with my camera’s self timer and a tripod.

Self-timer photo of my legs and feet with my cotton underwear knotted / twisted around my ankles

THE HAGUE, 2012 — Wut? Yea? IDK wut the dance faculty’s problem with my candidacy was. Philistines! Wait, Luddites! Oh hell. Something-istine/ites! Thank gawd Louis Andriessen shuffled my butt over to New Media where they were actually willing to give me a degree. Otherwise I’d probably STILL be a grad student today! ๐Ÿ˜› I’d just hobble around campus with my cane, and the dance faculty would point me out to the new grad students… See… that’s what happens when you get… uppity…


      1. hehehe… that is sooooo showing off. i have an occassional feature in my 1st blog, Yordie Sands’ Undies. It’s very popular when I run it and if i say the word panties, then the pageviews go off the charts. haha

        1. haha, Yordie, that’s interesting, I notice that A LOT of women do say “panties” although for some reason that word always feels kind of sexualized to me and I do kind of prefer “underwear.”

          It would be great if you saying “panties” or me saying “catsuit” could bring in “good” pageviews… *sigh*… but I’m afraid the traffic this brings is probably not all that sympathetic to our conversations.

          And the link to “Yordie Sands’ Undies” would be???

            1. hahaha – now I feel like we’re college roommates or something, I’ve just seen you in your PANTIES so many times! ๐Ÿ˜›

              That is a really fun series of posts Yordie. Nothing scandalous, but a nice way to present your virtual life.

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