Vaneeesa Blaylock wearing a recreation of Charlotte Moorman's "TV Bra" by Nam June Paik

Image of four avatars, Man, Woman, Girl, and Boy, the woman and girl dressed in blue and the man and boy dressed in pink, with the text "VB39 - Pink & Blue"

PICO PICO LIFE, LEA19, 21 July — Today begins 3 Saturdays of VB/CO’s HOT SUMMER!
(with, uh, apologies to our friends currently wintering in the southern hemisphere πŸ˜›

Saturday 21 July – VB39 – Pink & Blue – Mikati Slade’s Pico Pico Life @LEA19
Saturday 28 July – VB40 – Charlotte, Forever – Gallery Xue / NYC
Saturday 4 August – VB41 – Rock the Casbah – Booville Skydiving Sim

All performances will be on Saturdays: 10am – Noon SLT / 17:00 – 19:00 GMT

Y-O-U are invited to participate!
Please check the Previz below for the details on each performance.
Here’s the short version:

Previz image for VB39 - Pink & Blue - Mark Zackerly in pink and Vaneeesa Blaylock in blue
VB39 – Pink & Blue
All avatars can appear as they like with one requirement: Male avatars in Pink; Female avatars in Blue. Male avatars are encouraged, but not required, to consider a pink dress.
β€’ SL-URL: Pico Pico Life
β€’ Previz #66 – Pink & Blue

detail image of Charlotte Moorman wearing her legendary "TV Bra"
VB40 – Charlotte, Forever
We will be recreating Charlotte Moorman & Nam June Paik’s legendary “TV Bra” and also an “iPod Bra.” Female avatars may wear either. Male avatars may also wear one of the bras, or a TV Jock Strap or iPod Jock Strap.
β€’ SL-URL: Gallery Xue / NYC
β€’ Previz #67 – Charlotte, Forever

image of Jackie Graves "Poison" outfit in 5 colors
VB41 – Rock the Casbah
For this performance participants will be sent an outfit to wear: Graves Poison for female avatars, Graves Escape for male avatars. We’ll also send you a parachute or you may “pack your own ‘chute.” For this performance only, we’ll need a list of participants in advance to send wardrobe to. If you can commit to 10am – noon SLT on Saturday 4 August, please give us your name and avatar gender in a comment to this blog post. Give us your username, like: Vaneeesa Blaylock or Vaneeesabot Resident, not your display name.
β€’ SL-URL: Booville Skydiving
β€’ Previz #48 – Rock the Casbah


Image from film poster "The Long, Hot Summer"


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