In the photo: Strawberry Singh
Location: FATEisland

Born in September, I’m really a true Virgo at heart. Although I don’t follow horoscopes that regularly, I still find it fun to read them from time to time. I find it interesting that I resemble a lot of the characteristics for Virgos. I know it’s hard to believe, but I’m actually quite shy, almost painfully shy at times around certain people. I am somewhat obsessive and kind of a neat freak, can’t stand disorganization. I also analyze and over-think everything! So many negatives about being a Virgo, but all in all, I don’t mind it.

There’s a monthly Zodiac event that occurs in Second Life where designers create items for the sign that month. I blogged about Leo last month, now tomorrow Virgo is starting and I’m looking forward to picking up all the goodies for my sign. The outfit I’m wearing will be available there. For full style details and also information about the beautiful mesh sim I took the image at, you can check my blog post.

What’s your sign and do the characteristics for your sign describe you at all?


  1. Love the pic as always and love the true confessions. hehe. For some reason I’m not surprised to learn you are analytical and neat and even somewhat obsessive. hehe. I’m enjoying the serices and heading to the blog post.

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  2. Another beautiful picture! Awesome colours, and I love the hairstyle. I must admit that I’m Gemini, but I have no idea what virtues that’s supposed to give me. I’m sure some of them will apply to me.

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