Before you guys start planning my bridal shower, just putting it out there that I am definitely NOT getting married. A friend is about to release a bunch of bridal gowns and veils this weekend so I was playing around with them and then this picture happened.

I guess most girls dream of a big, lavish, fairy tale wedding. But I’m not really one of those girls. Although this gown is absolutely stunning, I can’t really see myself getting married in something so extravagant. I think I’d prefer a simple dress in a quiet ceremony on a beautiful beach with just close friends. I guess that’s my fairy tale wedding.

Well, that’s if I get married at all. I really have no intention to. 😛 So I guess I’ll slap on a Zombie skin and use this dress as my Halloween costume instead. It’ll be fun to be a Zombie bride. 😀

What’s your fairy tale wedding look like?

In the photo: Strawberry Singh
Location: {Lost World}


  1. Oh Berry! Spectacular… and I _AM_ planning your fairy tale wedding for you! I’m sure you’ll love it. We’ll get four sims so we can have maybe 400 peeps. How’s that sound? hehehe
    I actually had a fairy tale wedding in SL, but mine was more of a Japanese garden wedding. It was far more enjoyable than I ever imagined. And i never intended to have a wedding either. Unfortunately, like far too many SL love affairs, it only lasted a year.

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