So I know it seems as if I’m progressively losing more and more clothing as I post here, but I promise you it wasn’t on purpose. lol

There’s a blog called Bare where they interview different SLers around the grid. They interviewed me today so I thought it would be neat to do a nude picture and bare it all. Then when I did it, I was kinda happy with it and really wanted to share it here as well. Vaneeesa will be happy to see that I used my mesh hands again. 😀

For more information about Bare, my interview and style credits, you can check out my post on my blog. Also, sorry about the nudity. 😛

In the photo: Strawberry Singh
Location: {Second Life}


  1. There isn’t anything wrong with nudity on this blog is there? Because I’m getting the impression, albeit somewhat tongue in cheek, that an image of a naked body is something to be apologised for? I sure hope not, because I may need to be apologising a lot over the next couple of weeks (~ not).

    Canary Beck
  2. Ok ok ok I must say! I think I need to schedule another photoshoot with you. Time for me to get some good boobie shots too. Love the pics, Love the interview. And for some reason I thought you lived in England, hey Florida girl! /me waves from Cocoa Beach.

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