Drawn by me on Draw Something 2
Drawn by me on Draw Something 2


The word that I selected to draw was  ‘Lasso’

My drawing was (of course) inspired by the wonderful woman – warrior princess and I used one reference found randomly online but made her my own by completely drawing her out of proportion! Not on purpose I might add but she just turned out that way.

You can actually run out of ink in the ‘Draw Something’ game so I was unable to make her complete.  I just had enough time to use the crayon tool at the end for the actual word that I was drawing in the first place.

Who would not want to draw the feminist icon – Wonder Woman and the lovely curves she possesses.  I have always wanted to be her amongst other Superheroes, wear the indestructible bracelets and fly an invisible airplane.

Sometimes it’s hard to be Wonder Woman, giving all your love to Superman.


  1. I like all your work Tabitha! But I do especially love your Wonder Women! 🙂 The one you use for your icon / avatar is really great, so charming! And this one is also dynamic and fun. You can’t beat those primary colors! Keep up the fun, inspired work!

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