Vanessa Blaylock at the Strawberry Singh Meme Gallery at the Alice in Cornelland installation at LEA11 in Second Life

Yesterday, like dozens of Monday’s before it, our own Strawberry Singh issued her weekly “Monday Meme Challenge.” This week’s treat for her readers is to create a movie poster for their avatar, as she did in her example There’s Something About Berry. We’ve now set up the Strawberry Singh Meme Gallery at LEA11 where participants in Berry’s challenge can put up their posters for in-world avatar viewing. Here’s how:

1. Go to Berry’s Meme Gallery @ LEA11:
2. There you’ll see lots of posters, currently with the “Something About Berry” graphic on them. They are all “For Sale for L$0” Just touch any 1 to “buy” it. When you buy it, it will not be delivered to your inventory, instead, the one right there on the ground will become yours.

An avatar buys a poster for L$0

3. Then just drag your poster image from your inventory onto the poster you bought. Remember to put your graphic on the front & back. All of the posters are 1.875m wide x 2.5m tall. If your poster is more or less wide than Berry’s sample, just make yours more narrow or more wide as appropriate. But please keep the height at 2.5m for consistency.

4. That’s it! Take a pix of your new installation and show your friends! πŸ™‚

Avatar dragging a texture onto a poster base


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  2. I came round too late for today…all the posters are taken! I think that is absolutely delightful and I am very much enjoying everyone’s work. How cool is that? YAYA!
    I do hope I can come back tomorrow and there will be room for me too. πŸ™‚

    1. OMG Berry! And we were worried no one would show up! AS Mireille notes, “sold out” in half a day. Not to worry, I’ve just added 2 more rows of “Something About Berry” posters to “buy” and place your own project on top of.

      I got to meet up with Peep while placing the new posters – awesome project!
      Thanks Becky! I think it’s at the nexus of our various projects — Very fun & exciting!

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