Jaws 2 Movie Poster
Dun Dun… Dun Dun… Dun Dun… Dun Dun…
(Drawn by me on Draw Something 2)

JAWS – My drawing was taken from the movie poster for Jaws 2

It’s that time of year again when you need to listen out for ominous music whilst at the beach, but if you happen to be in the UK there is more chance that you’re gonna need a bigger coat!

Jaws had such an effect on me as a child.  I honestly thought that the shark would appear like my drawing in the movie and was waiting for that moment to happen.

I began a childhood crush on Chief Martin Brody and sharks have fascinated me to this day.  I wouldn’t like to be close to one but would like to have been close to Chief Brody.

New facts on Great White Shark population:




  1. Great pic! Just looking at it brings chills down my spine. Like you, Jaws had a huge impact on me, and living in an area where going to the beach is as common as having a glass of water, I always looked at the sea with a fair amount of suspicion since then (although here it’s very rare to see a shark! *fingers crossed*).

  2. Thanks Lizzie 😀 I think a lot of people feel the same way. There are so many clichés relating to Jaws and sharks… attacks are rare but I’m like you with the suspicion even in a swimming pool Eek!!

  3. Yay Tabs! This image was classic and you’ve really captured the dichotomy of it so well. All the fun bikini girl on skis unaware of the enveloping about to devour her… AND US! I really love the playful watery feel your “brush” gives this piece. Thanks so much for sharing your vivid, inspiring illustrations with us.

    I know tomorrow… Drum Roll Please… Lizzie finishes her epic 12-part story Goatswood! Oooh… so fantastic!

    And… she’s planning to do a series of short 1-day stories for the rest of the month. Maybe, as you both sort of hinted at recently, you could team up for 1 or 2 and put an illustration of yours with one of Lizzie’s stories… that’d be so cool! 🙂

  4. Thankyouverymuch Vanessa.

    Beach girl does look extremely vulnerable doesn’t she! The watercolours are great to use for, well, just about everything. I left the teeth till last and just had enough ink to put a few shaded ones in the back there.

    I am embarrassed to say that I still need to read your stories Lizzie! I’ll get round to it eventually but very much looking forward to teaming up with you, if you wish for the short 1-day stories – exciting, very exciting indeed. I need to email you 🙂

    …and thank you again Vanessa 😀

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