Bettie Page

That Pin-up sensation that shocked the nation during the 1950’s

The reference used for this particular drawing I found browsing on deviantART – artist:  Shishah

Instead of trying to duplicate the very beautiful black and white image that Shishah created I changed it all to red for the word ‘redhead’.

I used a dark red pen and colored her gloves using a black and red highlighter.  For the background I added misty black and red watercolors giving you hopefully a feeling that you have slipped into an erotic dream.  Then I couldn’t help myself but to use the red glitter pen for some finishing touches… Every girl likes a bit of glitter.

Bettie has been an inspiration to me and to many people for decades and I am certain she will continue to do so.  Being very retro inspired myself I could draw her a thousand times over.

Drawings dedicated to Pin-ups (Cheesecakes & Beefcake) has now been added to my Facebook Group ‘Open Draws’ I know we have a few fans dedicated to Pin-ups within the group so do take a look at some other albums if stopping by and so far the contributions that have been added to this album are from myself and the wonderful Erin Bochan.

My Bettie Page drawing on Draw Something 2
My Bettie Page drawing on Draw Something 2