Drawn by me on Draw Something 1
Drawn by me on Draw Something 1

Arrow Arrow Arrow!

Fly above the rooftops of your own consciousness to catch ones dreams.

My personification of this drawing was based on the magnificently talented artist Meloncholy of which I have a huge amount of admiration for.  I love her to the moon and back and more.

Get lost in meloncholyland here: www.cargocollective.com/meloncholyland

Go shopping for some melon! Etsy.com/shop/meloncholyland

I drew this on Draw Something 1 about a year ago which was restricted in tools only having colored pens and a single undo button.

For my arrow draw I created a simple visual impact of the color palette using the tranquil shade of pink and the stimulating flush of purples.

I was fortunate that Meloncholy personalized a mirror frame of mine last year in the style of the remarkable Art Nouveau artist Henri Privat-Livemont.

The particular image depicted was from Henri’s famous poster and one of my favorites ‘Absinthe Robette – 1896’



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