Drawn by me on Draw Something 2
Drawn by me on Draw Something 2


Do you remember the telephone?

Drawing the word ‘telephone’ I googled and came across this lovely lady to use as a reference.

I have no idea who she is so I have named her Simone.

I tried searching for Simone on the phone again but without any luck.

Simone could quite possibly be an actress and this perhaps is a still from a movie.

She could also be a ghost and it might just have to remain a mystery forever.

This was quite an early ‘Draw Something 2’ creation using a black pen and grey and white highlighters.

Some light lounge music for Simone to listen to whilst she is hanging on the line…


Call Me: Sung by ‘The Mike Flowers Pops’ who I love dearly but I have no idea who these guys are miming to him.


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