long horizontal portrait of Vanessa Blaylock with the characteristic warm browns of a selenium toned black and white print. Blaylock reclines in a chair with her arms over legs pulled into her chest. She wears a frilly bikini top.

I went to the beach yesterday and posted a pix on Instagram adding the hashtag “sunburn.” After the pix posted I clicked #sunburn and OMG, what a laugh-riot collection of pix! If, you know, you consider seeing other peeps in pain ‘n stuff a laugh riot. Anyway, pretty crazy pix, so I had to share.

Oh, and speaking of Instagram, I set up a darkroom in the spare bathroom and I’ve been printing and doing lots of toning of B&W photos. Mostly I’ve been doing sepia toning, and a few selenium toned prints. Even though I’ve done way more sepia prints, I really love the more muted subtlety of the selenium toned prints. And then just to be hardcore I’m dabbling making a few cyanotypes. You can use these buttons to see themz too!

[button link=”http://irez.me/instagram/vansepia/” color=”#af6610″]#vanSepia[/button]

[button link=”http://irez.me/instagram/vanselenium/” color=”#876032″]#vanSelenium[/button]

[button link=”http://irez.me/instagram/vancyan/” color=”#36539f”]#vanCyan[/button]

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  1. I just finished peeling off my burn from the Extreme powerboat races, but here comes the 4th of July!! Sunburn forever baby!!

    ~~writing to you from the somewhere along the Space Coast, Yordie Sands, peripatetic beach goer. ๐Ÿ™‚

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