I came across this psychedelic mushroom on a reggae T-shirt found randomly on-line and drew it very quickly whilst waiting for a long glass of Pimms.

As you can see there was not mushroom on the mushroom and I was as lazy as the girl sprawled across it so rushed it towards the end.


I started off only using coloured pens and was very careful at my colouring-in on the stalk.  Then you can see where I began to get quite sluggish on the rest of the shroom using a spray paint to finish it off.  I didn’t really finish her off because the face went a bit strange and I didn’t have time.  So here it is anyway in all its kaleidoscopic glory.



  1. Ahhhhh 69 The summer of love… When music was fab and everyone doing things freely! I was born in 72 so missed it all and can only imagine the fun I would’ve had then.

    Tabitha Raincloud

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