Win a date and support the Electronic Frontier Foundation: shoulder length portrait of Vanessa Blaylock against a purple background. Blaylock wears a mask, and has the name "Vaneeesa Oh" over her head. The text on the image reads "Alt Ball: win a date with an Oh, and support The EFF"

You can Win a Date and support the Electronic Frontier Foundation! The Alt Ball is alt-most here! 100% of proceeds from the event will go to The Electronic Frontier Foundation. When you want to guess who the main avatar of one of the alts is, you’ll pay L$10 for each guess. We’ll also have a tip jar to hopefully raise more cash for the EFF. And if your guess is correct, they you win a date with the Oh of your choice! We’re in the process of asking lots of Oh’s to participate, Bryn, Bibbe, SaveMe, and others. We don’t know which Oh’s will be available yet, but here’s the list so far, and we’ll keep updating it as the pool expands:

Win a Date with an Oh!

Oh Dates for Alt Ball Winning Guessers to Choose from:
1. Bryn Oh
2. SaveMe Oh
3. Agnes Oh
4. Vaneeesa Oh

Support the EFF

Win a date and support the Electronic Frontier Foundation: if you’re not familiar with the EFF please do check out their website. We think the Alt Ball is going to be a lot of fun, but really, day in and day out The EFF does so much amazing work to help build a world of free and empowered people in our online lives. I’m humbled by the awesome work they do.

Win a Date and Support the Electronic Frontier Foundation

The place to do both is at the Alt Ball at Club Morpheus at LEA11 in Second Life on Saturday 13 July from 10am – Noon PDT
Here is a translation table for other time zones.
Be sure to click on the “VB49 / Alt Ball” tab for the correct times!
Please leave a comment below if any time zones are wrong, or if you’d like us to add any others.


If you use Instagram, Twitter, Tout, or any other hashtaggable media, be sure to tag your Alt Ball pix with these tags:

L i n k y . L i n k y

• Website: Electronic Frontier Foundation
• EFF: Deeplinks Blog
• iRez: Alt Ball Details
• SL-URL: Club Morpheus

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