Asylum in Your Embassy! Grand Opening! Screen Cap of Asylum store on Second Life Marketplace.

“Nadya Tolokno,” Agnes Sharple, Trill Zapatero, Vanessa Blaylock & Friends bring you an exciting new fashion experience, ASYLUM IN YOUR EMBASSY!

We live in dark times friends. In 2013 alone: Aaron Swartz dead. Bradley Manning guilty. Edward Snowden running. Ai Weiwei spent a good part of 2011 in prison and of course the courageous women of Pussy Riot have been in prison for a year now.

What to do?

We choose to scream. Scream with brightly colored t-shirts and balaclavas that is! There’s no point in having a revolution if you can’t dance! So let’s have some playful fun, and support a serious cause.

Pussy Riot Week. Banner for online store "Asylum in Your Embassy!" Images of Nelson Mandela, Nadya Tolokno, Bradley Manning, Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, Angela Davis.

Asylum in Your Embassy! NOW OPEN!

Visit the [button style=”download” color=”red” link=”″]ASYLUM IN YOUR EMBASSY! store[/button] now!

We’ve opened this store in support of our Pussy Riot Solidarity Parade, part of the global 17 August 2013 day of solidarity with Pussy Riot. Now that the store’s open we’ll keep going. There are lots of items still to add so visit us from time to time or check the blog for exciting new products. We’ll never have the money or power of authoritarian nations or hegemonic corporations, but we sure as hell can dress funnerer than them!

ASYLUM IN YOUR EMBASSY! is a Free Culture fashion boutique. Where possible our products are “Free Speech and Free Beer,” aka, Freely Remixable, Shareable, and No Cost. We prefer a Creative Commons Attribution license, or in Second Life lingo, “Full Perm.” In many cases we’ve used clothing templates or textures that don’t allow full perm distribution, so the fashions will be No Transfer.

Sample listings from ASYLUM IN YOUR EMBASSY! Marketplace Store:
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Visit the [button style=”download” color=”red” link=”″]ASYLUM IN YOUR EMBASSY! store[/button] now!

Asylum in Your Embassy. Pussy Riot Solidarity Concert. Poster for concert with typography over an illustration of a balaclava.

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