ScreenCap of iRez Salon company profile page on LinkedIn

Hi guys! Sorry for being so MIA lately! New boyfriend, OMG, he’s such a distraction! Bad Kevin, bad! *giggles*

Anyway, I wanted to let you know some cool news! We’ve added both iRez Salon and Vanessa Blaylock Company as “companies” on LinkedIn. What this means is that if you’ve ever written a post for iRez, you can now list iRez Salon as part of your “Experience” on your LinkedIn resume. You can list it for your avatar identity, RL identity, whatever you like. When you Edit your LinkedIn profile and under Experience you “add a position,” just start typing “iRez Salon” and it will autocomplete for you after a few keystrokes. You can give yourself the title of “Author,” or whatever you’d prefer.

And if you’ve ever participated in a Vanessa Blaylock Company (VBCO) public / performance artwork, you can now list Vanessa Blaylock Company on your LinkedIn “Experience.”

Whether you list iRez or VBCO on your experience or not, you’re totally encouraged to “follow” these exciting new media companies!


Vanessa Blaylock Company:

LMK if you have any questions! See you online!

ScreenCap of Vanessa Blaylock Company, company profile on LinkedIn