Panoramic photograph of Vanessa Blaylock & Kimika Ying ice skating on the rings of saturn at Oceania Planetary Park at LEA27 in Second Life.

Can you ice skate on the rings of Saturn? Is it “Impossible IRL?”

What’s the difference between reality and fantasy? There is no difference. You cannot tell it. People pretend they can tell the difference and it’s crazy people who cannot tell the difference. But I think it’s the other way around.

— Franco Mattes

Our minds have always had the ability to take us to other realities. In Kiss of the Spider Woman two men in a prison cell, void of freedom, void of possibilities, make their own reality through imagination, need, desire.

Imagine the Impossible

For the 2013 Vanessa Blaylock Company Holiday Party VBCO and Kimika Ying invite you to put your skates on and ice skate across the rings of Saturn @ Kimika Ying’s Oceania Planetary Park.

Sunday 22 Dec ’13
9-11am SLT / 17:00 – 19:00 GMT
Party Mix by DJ Agnes

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