b&w photo of FairY with her hands in the air and her body swaying to the music
FairY dancing at Energy Club on 4 January


Dancer: FairY
Club: Energy Club

1. Who goes dancing more often? Your Avatar? Or your Typist?

My Avatar

2. Why do you dance?

Because dancing is amazing and I love it.

3. Is “Avatar Dancing” the same as “Typist Dancing”? Or different?

It’s totally different

4. Do you login just to dance? Or do you go dancing before or after other activities?

Mostly I login to dance.

5. Do you change your clothes to go dancing? How do you like to look?

Yes, I change to dance. I look amazing, I think! Hip, funky, crazy, unique!

black and white photo. low camera angle looking up FairY's right leg which has a floral tattoo running up the entire length of her leg. FairY bends over at the waist
FairY dancing at Energy Club on 4 January