group of people drumming at the beach
Photo by Thomas Bender- Sarasota Herald-Tribune

Bang a drum.
Join a community of people.

As a former member of the ruling class I have experienced both the privilege and the horror of power. It seems clear to me now that the #1 goal of power: Political, Religious, Corporate, is to perpetuate itself. And that means taking power away from the individual. Where once you could experience the rapture of god in the ecstatic dance of a drum circle, now that experience is regulated. Today ecstasy isn’t something found within yourself in the presence of an empowering group, today it is something dispensed to you by a priest. Our spiritual detachment is so complete that when you say the word “ecstasy” today, people don’t think of a spiritual experience, but of a drug.

At Izzy’s Gym we’re about living healthier lives. About reconnecting to our deepest, truest selves. And so I invite you to join in a drum circle with us. We’ll have drums and hula hoops or you can BYO whatever you like.

Drum Circle

Izzy’s Gym / Baroncelli 3D Planetarium
6pm SLT Friday 4/4/14
SL-URL: Baroncelli 3D Planetarium

photo of a woman in a vibrant teal top dancing ecstatically to a drum circle

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