Asian French Maid serving tea and tiny sandwiches to a man and a woman at a cafe table

The “French Maid” has a long and storied history. With the rise of Anime and then the Tea Cafes in Japan and America, the “Asian French Maid” was born. Whether as a French Maid in a black-and-white dress, or an Asian French Maid in a brown-and-white dress, WE have served YOU.

We’ve served you tea & tiny sandwiches. We’ve made your bed and cleaned your apartment. And what thanks do we get? Chintzy tips and snide “she’s easy” comments.

Poster featuring 7 cafe maids in brown and white outfits with japanese characters superimposed

Take Back The Dress

It’s time to fight for Asian French Maid Avatar Worker empowerment!

Who? You! Guys, Girls, Maids, Butlers, Asian, French. Come as your inner servant yearning to breathe the fresh air of fair labor conditions!
When? On Saturday 25 October at 7pm Paris Time (CEST, GMT+2)
Where? We will march from The Moulin Rouge to the Grande Roue de Paris to demand Asian French Maid Avatar Worker rights!
Why? Virtual Public / About Angry Asian French Maid Avatar Strike
Landmark: 1900/117/185/23
Party: After the march we’ll have a dance party at the Eiffel Tower.
Hashtag: #AngryAsianFrenchMaidAvatarStrike

Map of the Paris 1900 regions of Second Life

Asian French Maid holding a tiny cake on a tiny platter


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