Networked Imagination

Reading  Vaneeesa’s interpretation of what is presence in virtual worlds made me think of an article I read a while back (and which thoroughly influenced my research and interest in virtual reality) by Thomas and Brown. While I am applying their concept of presence to virtual environments akin to SL, …

The Art of Presence

Watching Abramović’s “The Artist is Present” made me want to revisit the concept of presence in art, especially in virtual worlds. Presence and immersion have been “hot” topics in virtual reality ever since the inception of the technology – it is, after all, what differentiates “virtual reality” from a two-dimensional …

A Last Look at SL9B

Last Saturday, on Second Life’s 9th birthday, I wrote about the wonderful shared experience I believed was happening at the celebration. I’ve continued to checkout my notion by chatting with many people and reading commentary of those who participated. Again and again, people from all walks expressed their sense of community involvement. And …

What If Rod Was One Of Us (Parody song & Video)

If Rod had an alt who spent a lot of time
Inside of Second Life just hanging out
In clubs and chatting with his friends
Would he still think the same or see things different

And yeah, yeah, Rod is great
And yeah, yea, Rod is good
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

What if Rod was one of us
An AV like one of us
Just some pixelated dust
Living in a Linden home

If Rod had an alt what would it look like
If he lived anonymously
Would he ditch the toga for some fashionista
And be correct anatomically

And yeah, yeah, Rod is great
And yeah, yea, Rod is good
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

What if Rod was one of us
An AV like one of us
Just some pixelated dust
Living in a Linden home

Living in a Linden home?
Or in one of Wizzy’s domes
He could look like Sharon Stone
And go to Zindra and get boned

Welcome to the Real World

  It was so great seeing Tizzy yesterday… my head’s still spinning over how awesome her new video is. And today I saw the above video from CNN Money. What a pair of bookends! The guy who walks away from a job at Merrill Lynch to sell virtual …

Person of the Year

The votes have been tallied, and the readers of iRez have declared, Ze Moo is our 2010 Person of the Year! Moo narrowly edged out Wikileaks’ Julian Assange; Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg came in a distant third: Ze Moo ————–14,159 Julian Assange — 14,155 Mark Zuckerberg ——– 6 I caught …

Maui The Demigod

Linus Torvalds once said that Richard Stallman was the great “philosopher,” and that he was an “engineer”… perhaps Neal Stephenson is the great “architect,” and Philip Rosedale is an “engineer”… It’s kind of crazy to realize that Neal Stephenson has never been to Second Life. And that Philip is gone, …

Banned by Burn2

TO: M2Danger Ranger m2 Burner EmCee Widget Kev Sweetwater Principals, Burn2 FROM: Vaneeesa Blaylock, Artistic Director, VB/CO RE: Refund for the space that you won’t allow me to use. Dear M2Danger, m2, EmCee, and Kev, On Monday, Ronon Carver, head of Burn2 security and apparently chief Burn2 art moderator, informed …

Douglas Story & Desdemona Enfield

Remix Art breaks the 20th century hegemony of top-down, 1-to-many, read-only culture. Second Life is the land of User Generated Content (UGC) It is a world where Story & Enfield can freely create these works. And now in Ripple we see them paying it forward, empowering readers to become authors in a read-write culture where the world we experience can be shaped by our own hands.

Tank Woman

If a merchant files a complaint, the lab will aggressively invade your inventory, delete your content, suspend your account, and ban your account. If a consumer files a complaint, the lab doesn’t care.

Girl Next Door TWO!

There’s a brand new Girl Next Door in town… and she’s worth it… just for the shoes! VB/CO was founded in April 2009 with our performance VB01 – GIRL NEXT DOOR, where we celebrated what I believed to be the most ubiquitous noob avatar. Last month we celebrated our 1st …

Bouguereau in Haiti

The human tragedy in Haiti is unmeasurable and unbearable. In response many merchants around the grid have offered a discount on some item with some or all of the proceeds going to the relief effort. I’m confident that every merchant and every participating consumer has the best intentions, still, I …

Bryn Oh’s Brain

What’s so amazing about a place… a space… a moment… a gift… like this crazy dwell between Bryn’s mosquito Ferris wheel and her sensorium cloud… is how capacious it is… how generous it is… and how it invites not just your brain… but also your body… to exist in resonance with it… in this time and in this space…

Eloh Eliot

In the middle of a barren snow drift in Lippert stands, unexpectedly, a small patch of sunflowers. And in the middle of that tiny patch of sunflowers stands the greatest gift in all of SL: Four crates of free, but priceless, Pleiades skins from Eloh Eliot. Another, Lippert: I …