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Hey Guys!!

I got a postcard from Vaneeesa! As you probably heard, Vaneeesa ascended from her troubles here in SL two weeks ago. We all presumed she went to a better place… but who knows which way people go when they leave the world… well, now we know: it worked out!

You can click on the picture to see the postcard bigger… or in case you can’t read her writing, here’s what the postcard says:

Aero Bigboots
100 Bayshore Drive
Biscuit Bay, An Li
Second Life

Dear Aero,
I got a part-time job at a small gym here InWorldz. I’m teaching Ballet, Yoga, & Cultural Values to a new generation of kids.
Will write again soon!
xoxo, Vaneeesa

What a relief to know there is life after Second Life! Good luck Vaneeesa! We’re doing ok here in SL, we miss you, but I think we’re all keeping it together. Looking forward to hearing what Van’s up to next!

— Aero

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