52 Weeks of Pink

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Liz Bowman wearing pink "body makeup" (skin)

OMG, I took ONE weekend off from clean, fresh skin, and look where I’ve wound up! Catsuits are like an entry drug for a whole other world! πŸ˜›

VANCOUVER, 20 May — Oh, wait, no, no, 52 weeks of color, one week of pink! Just one week of pink! πŸ˜› OMG you guys, I finished my wacky catsuit weekend and I thought I was going to scrape all this pancake body makeup off and go back to being the world’s most wholesomest girl next door… and then 20 minutes after putting a stamp on that blog and sending it off, I discovered Luna Jubilee’s 52 Weeks of Color Challenge, and ohByTheWay, it’s week 20: deep pink! Mmmm… let’s put on some deep house while we do this! Rock me Trevor Nygaard!

I just thought I’d read a few blogs after wearing all those crazy catsuits and sweating, like, five pounds off at Rebel NYC, and then I stumbled upon Luna Jubilee’s awesome blog and her way cool 52 Weeks of Color Challenge. As you’ll see it’s her birthday week so she picked pink! πŸ™‚ In her comments you can see dozens of awesome pix that people made with her color Deep Pink, aka #FF1493. Most, like, “normal” people wore pink clothes or pink accessories or whatever, but somehow I had the crazy idea to just take that color and paint myself with it. Gawd. I think I must be working too many hours at the hospital! πŸ˜› Anyway, here’s Luna’s cool photo and a couple others. If you click on the pix, it’ll take you to that person’s blog:

Luna Jubilee, the host of “52 Weeks of Color Challenge” in supa-cute pink hair, bra, and skirt! I really have to try this next time, pink clothes!

Sonya Marmurek in a radiant pink sari

Wow, everyone looks so elegant, and I’m like a pink goofball! πŸ˜› Sonya looks incredible in this gorgeous pink sari – wow – must check out her shopping list! πŸ™‚

Rainy wearing a pink halter top in a field of pink flowers against an afternoon pink sky

As if Luna and Sonya weren’t gorgeous enough, Rainey found this to-die-for pink halter top, and a field of pink flowers, and a pink sunset! Sooo supa-fantastic!

You’ll see tons more beautiful pix in the comments on Luna’s blog, but that should give you guys the idea.
Anyway, I’m pink!

IDK if there’s anyone else out there geeky enough to want pink skin, but just in case you do, I put it out free and full perm in 3 places:

β€’ Gallery Xue / NYC
β€’ Second Life Marketplace

Both of those are, of course, for Second Life, but you can wear this skin in any world that uses the same architecture, like OS Grid, InWorldz, Reaction Grid, etc. For those worlds you can get the 3 skin files at SourceForge

Thanks Luna and everybody – what a super-fun project!! πŸ™‚

Liz Bowman in Pink Body Makeup (virtual skin)

β€’ The pink skin is an adaptation of
β€’ The hair is Carina Larsen / Amacci / Mika / Jet Black
β€’ The corset thingy is Hugo’s Design

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