30 July – Day 23

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Yesterday the news reached us of the passing of Chris Marker, aged 91, considered one of the most influential filmmakers ever. In his eighties, while proclaiming the death of cinema, Marker joined Second Life (through an avatar named Sergei Murasaki) in order to explore its possibilities as an artistic medium. Here’s a great quote by him on SL, roughly translated from the French: “(…) a world of ghosts, these people we know nothing about, whose looks are necessarily a lie, but where it’s so easy to lie that some perverse souls, I’m sure, feel a wicked pleasure in telling the truth so that others don’t believe them”. This picture was taken at Ouvroir, a sim set up in his hommage a few years ago, where the cat Guillaume-en-Egypte, Marker’s alter ego, is omnipresent.

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One Response to “30 July – Day 23”

  1. Vaneeesa Blaylock
    2012/08/01 at 15:07 #

    So sorry to hear about Chris Marker, Marma.

    It’s funny, I guess partly because of your sad news, but also partly just by standing in the Chris Marker Museum, and equally, the idea of so endlessly many different sims filled with so many visions, so many creativities, so many alternate realities…

    It all reminds me of that scene in the old Time Machine movie where he asks her about their history and she shows him this table filled with discs… you spin a disc and experience some piece of history… some moment of experience… some perception of reality… for as long as the disc keeps spinning…

    Vaneeesa Blaylock (wearing a "Poison" paramilitary uniform from Jackie Graves) stands in the Chris Marker Museum in the Ouvroir sim in Second Life

    and, I suppose, in the Inception vs Time Machine mashup, the discs can spin forever…

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