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Side by side headshots of actor Valorie Curry and Playstation 3 / Quantic Dream character Kara

SAN FRANCISCO, 7 March — Today at the Game Developers Conference, Quantic Dream’s David Cage unveiled their new concept work, “KARA.” Apparently inspired by Ray Kurzweil’s book The Singularity is Near, KARA is not a project in development, but an exploration of creating more “realistic” game actors.

I want to live, I’m begging you

The athletes breaking world records in London this week are extraordinary human beings. Yet they do not define what it is to be human. Olympic athletes, almost a distinct species from mere Homo sapiens, define, perhaps, what it is to be superhuman. Who defines what it is to be a mere mortal? Desire defines humanity. We exist because of longing. We are human because of our desire to be human. No one is more human than Pinocchio. Be it the Pinocchio of fairy tales and Disney animation, Lt. Commander Data, Roy Baty, or KARA.



Category: Androids, AI (sentience)
Ideology: Dystopian
Running Time: 7:02

Released: 2012
Studio: Quantic Dream / Sony Computer Entertainment
Story: An android becomes self-aware. Paralleling the narrative is a sort of platform self-awareness in that the piece is not a “video” but runs in real-time on a Playstation 3
Cast: , Tercelin Kirtley
Writer / Director: David Cage
Contact: Quantic Dream.com

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