2 August – Rooftop Dancer

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In the photo: Strawberry Singh
Location: Highgarden – Game of Thrones Roleplay

I recently bought new mesh feet inworld and I haven’t been able to stop playing with them. The system feet and hands are so badly done, but mesh and prim feet and hands really tend to bring an extra realism into sl photography.

Although this sim I’m on is a roleplay for Game of Thrones, I thought it was a great spot to take this picture. I did however get a few people come stand beside me and observe what I was doing for a while before walking away quietly. I never know what to do in those kinds of situations. Usually I don’t do anything and just let them stare (unless of course they are in the shot and then I ask them to politely move away). But if they are just watching, I let them be. I figure they would ask me questions if they had any. Most of the time, they don’t. Well, except for that one time on a roleplay sim when I was standing in the middle of the road and a cop car pulled up and asked me to move to the sidewalk because standing in the middle of the road could be dangerous. :-/

Gotta love Second Life! <3


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  1. Vaneeesa Blaylock
    2012/08/03 at 20:18 #

    What a beautiful photo Berry! The animation feels so alive. The scene is so sexy, hot (as in temperature) romantic, arid. Really an atmospheric image.

    Even with prim foot-shoes, and even more so with prim feet, I worry about “the line” and/or the skin tone matching. I might be more picky than average, I’m not sure, but they mostly don’t seem satisfying to me. The quality is readily apparent, but the “seam” has a “fake” quality to it.

    That’s a funny thing for me to say on a Virtual Salon that’s so much about “real” being in the mind of the beholder… and we’ve said elsewhere that for peeps with rich imaginations, that the text-only MUDs of yore were “immersive experiences”…

  2. Ravanel Griffon
    2012/08/04 at 23:16 #

    Haha, I love the story about how you made the photo. Sounds so familiar to me!

    I often make pictures of my characters for my personal blog to use as banners, and often I let them ‘pose’ by using emotes, to make them look less static. The thing is that you get a message for everyone near you to read when you use an emote. For this one ( http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-3qDiJjL1394/UBla1Lw_RxI/AAAAAAAACPA/Nn3L52EvZ84/s640/kissing%2520the%2520raven%25203.png – which doesn’t look nearly as good as yours, just warning you) I had to use the kiss emote, which put the message “You pucker up – but to who exactly?” in the chat. I also had to use it a lot of times, to make sure I got a good picture out of the set. *ashamed*

    Luckily I’m usually far away from places with many people when shooting!

    Needless to say, this is another great looking picture of yours. Make sure the bikini top stays in place, though! :P

  3. Vaneeesa Blaylock
    2012/08/06 at 15:26 #

    hahaha, Love the photo Ravanel! :)

    & love the local chat “benefit” :P

  4. Strawberry Singh
    2012/08/06 at 17:39 #

    LOL love your story about your pic as well!

  5. Vaneeesa Blaylock
    2012/08/06 at 15:31 #

    Hi Berry, OT Question — have you had a chance to pour over the beautiful submissions to your What’s Your Digits 2.0? And if you have, what did you find? Has the avatar changed from 2011 to 2012?

    I know your reason for asking the question again a year later was the introduction of mesh… but I’ve noticed that avatars seem to be getting shorter. Of course there are all sizes and shapes, still plenty of tall sticks, but perhaps not as many tall sticks and more that seem closer to “real” human range…

    Thank you again for the awesome project! :)

  6. Strawberry Singh
    2012/08/06 at 17:43 #

    Hey Vaneeesa!
    Yes I actually saw & responded to every pic the first week or so, but then I got super busy and haven’t been able to check out the rest as of yet. The results really varied. Yes, a lot of people got shorter, but a lot of people also said that they refused to change themselves for mesh and are waiting for the deformer and the rest of course were happy to change whatever necessary to fit into it, like myself.

  7. Vaneeesa Blaylock
    2012/08/06 at 18:20 #

    Like many the idea of “changing my shape” to fit a piece of mesh or other clothing sort of bugs me. Of course long before mesh many skirts and dresses were unwearable if you weren’t willing to lipo a few inches off your butt. As you know many peeps have a shape for skirts and one for pants. I also took the attitude that IRL there are plenty of clothes that you love when you seen them on the rack, but when you try them on they just don’t work with your “shape”… so why in virtual space couldn’t there also be clothes that you admire, but can’t actually wear yourself.

    Then again, IRL, who doesn’t think about “changing their shape” to fit into a dress for a wedding or a bikini for summer. And speaking of weddings, how many girls wear insanely tall “shape changing” heels that are so uncomfortable that they take them off long before the wedding’s even over.

    haha, we’re so good at complaining about the shortcomings of SL and it’s ancient code base, in fairness we should take a moment… I can’t imagine that any world has sexier, funnerer, more comfortable shoes than SL! :D

  8. Yordie Sands
    2012/08/13 at 23:05 #

    I do love pretty prim and mesh feet, but didn’t realize hands are available. Hands are so beautiful and express so much about who we are. I wish there was much more control over our system hands. I’ve notice that some dance animators seem to do good things with system hands.

    It’s a gorgeous photo, Berry. I love the graceful little dance, so feminine.


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