7 August – It’s pink and it bites

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LOCATION: Just outside the Spaceport, Corellia (Star Wars: The Old Republic)
IN PHOTO: Ravanel Griffon, Gannifari

Star Wars players were pleasantly surprised today by a Gannifari in their mailbox. Apparently, this was Bioware’s way of saying thanks for moving our characters to more crowded servers.

Despite my concerns about sending pets in lockboxes by mail and giving pets as presents to people in general, the Gannifari seemed to be doing alright. Although I did have to take a few steps back when he showed his temper.

I’m not sure if this baby dinosaur with fly eyes can compete with the orokeet or the meeroos, but I think it’s cute nevertheless.

If you play SWTOR and want to know how to get the Gannifari, check my post at Ravalation.


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