Virtual Orchestras

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Van’s proposition to turn my “childhood dreams” into virtual world reality got me really excited. And what do I do when I get excited?!?! My OCD kicks in :). So, I’ve been spending some time looking into virtual world (SL, specifically) orchestras and am amazed at what I’m finding. I’m sure some of you are familiar with some of these, but I seriously cannot get over the talent that this little virtual world harbors!!! Here is a quick summary of “the best of the best” so far:

1. Avatar Orchestra Metaverse

Founded in 2007 by maxxo klaar, paco mariani, miulew takahe, dethomas dibou, bingo onomatopoeia and vit latynina.

2. Liverpool Philharmonic in Second Life

3. Red {an orchestra}

4. BLOrk 

5. Music Island

Please share if you know of a musical gem in SL!

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