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Mixed-Reality artist Joseph DeLappe published his first (but we hope not last! 🙂 guest post here on iRez yesterday — Hi Joseph! — about his performance Fifty Shades of Black Ops this coming Saturday night at Arse Electronika Festival 4PLAY in San Francisco.

It reminded me that I somehow have never published my photos with Mahatma Gandhi in his virtual British prison cell in Second Life from the Summer of 2009. I was, haha, as you can see, just a young, 3-month-old avatar back then, having been “born” or “rezzed” in April ’09.

A year or two before I was born, Mahatma Gandhi, aka MGandhi Chakrabarti, aka Joseph DeLappe, recreated Gandhi’s legendary Salt March across the lands of Second Life. In 2009, having no sense of humor, the Brits locked poor Mr. Gandhi up in virtual prison on the Odyssey Performance Sim for 9 months.

Joseph DeLappe / iRez
Salt March Second Life
Arse Elektronika 4Play Schedule

young Vaneeesa Blaylock avatar (in cheerleader outfit with pom poms) visits Mahatma Gandhi / Joseph DeLappe in his virtual prison cell on the Odyssey Performance Simulator in Second Life

I was just a 3-month-old avatar when I visited Mr. Gandhi in his virtual prison cell


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