Perception, projection, reflection

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Quan Lavander invited me to participate in a show at the Art India Gallery in Second Life called “The Art of Protest.” I have been so crazy busy with art, work, life that I didn’t think I would have a chance to put something together. And what would I protest?? She reminded me that all of my work is that of protest. I am standing up for media’s gross distortion of an ideal beauty that is so unattainable that people die for it. Through plastic surgery, dieting, excercise, addiction, people are trying for something that they believe everyone else wants them to have.

I totally admit, I used to be one of those people. I am learning, becoming more aware that it is not necessary. It is really hard though when I am judged and criticized for the way I look. For being overweight or having a big nose or crossed eyes…

Recently I did a performance “The Bald and the Beautiful.” I had my head buzzed. Inches of  blond hair fell to the ground. It was an important moment for me. I became free from the constraints of  what society wanted me to be. Tall, thin, ideal. While I am still pulled back into this virtual jail through others not seeing the real me or loving the real me, I fight to break free and to realize that I don’t need their love and support. I need my own.

One of my favorite quotes…

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you somthing  else is the greatest accomplishment.
  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

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