Memory Box Workshop

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Instagram photo of a small, delicate, pink box filled with various objects and with the text "Memory Box Workshop" superimposed on top of it.

Memory Box Workshop in Second Life at LEA11 on Saturday 27 April 10am – Noon, PDT

Make a Secret Place

As part of the Alice in Cornelland Quest for a Virtual Haptic, we will hold a Memory Box Workshop on Saturday 27 April at the Linden Endowment for the Arts “simulator” LEA11. All are welcome. Participation is free. You might like to bring images or text of moments, experiences, or persons from your life journey. LEA11 will provide prims and a lite lunch.

Make it Anyplace

This workshop takes place in the virtual world of Second Life. You may also participate from other virtual worlds (WoW, Minecraft, etc) other 3D modeling environments (Maya, 3DS Max, etc) and other 2D creation platforms (Blogs, Pencil & Paper, etc)


Tickets are free and available here:

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2 Responses to “Memory Box Workshop”

  1. Yordie Sands
    2013/04/15 at 13:37 #

    What’s a pencil? hehe

    • Vaneeesa Blaylock
      2013/04/16 at 00:17 #

      Oh gawd — I honestly have no idea! I was just told that if I said that old people would think I understood them. It’s also supposed to play well with Maker Culture, Off the Grid, Back to Nature, etc.

      Maybe I should Google it — do you know how to do that?