Moments @ LEA11

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Even if LEA11 is developing more slowly than Dubai, it still is a fairly busy place ATM. Yesterday I spent time, precious moments, with a few virtual artists & friends:
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Vanessa Blaylock & Strawberry Singh looking at "Berry's Monday Meme Gallery" at LEA11 in Second Life

I met up with Berry and we looked at the space for “Berry’s Monday Meme Gallery” at the Alice in Cornelland project at LEA11 in Second Life

Vanessa Blaylock and Peep Sideshow at Berry's Monday Meme Gallery at LEA11

Later Peep came by to look at the posters and to place her own “Peepless in SLeattle”

Vanessa Blaylock and Agnes Sharple stand in water and tall grass and have a conversation about art, life, and culture

Around dusk I left the gallery and crossed some tall swamp grass to the site where Agnes has been setting up materials for her upcoming “Tree of Missing Avatars” workshop.

Agnes' "Tree of Missing Avatars" is so beautiful, so sweet, so bittersweet. It's such a simple, nuanced, sensitive piece.

Agnes’ “Tree of Missing Avatars” is so beautiful, so sweet, so bittersweet. It’s such a simple, nuanced, sensitive piece.

Vanessa & Fiona Blaylock sitting on the porch outside Fiona's Airstream mobile home

A day of conversations past, I found myself on the porch of my sister Fiona’s Airstream Motor Home having a beer with her. She’s parked the Airstream at the edge of her “Wild Animal Park” installation. My big sister and I haven’t always gotten along. But she’s worked so hard for the life she has today. It’s beautiful. Not in a big, heroic way, but just in a simple, human way.

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3 Responses to “Moments @ LEA11”

  1. Bumblebee
    2013/06/13 at 01:14 #

    One of my favorite places to go now…This community rocks!

    • Vanessa Blaylock
      2013/06/13 at 12:33 #

      Oh yay, that’s so nice to hear!

      Agnes has created these cool “missing avatar” trees – sculpted trees with photo-lockets for flowers. Each tree has 6 lockets and Agnes’ idea is to look through your friends list and paste the 6 profile pix of the avatars you miss the most.

      Anyway, she’s going to do a workshop where peeps make trees and place them at LEA11. I think it’s going to be Saturday… I think around 2pm SLT / PDT (aka: 10pm BST / 23:00 CEST / 7am Sunday AEST) Hopefully we’ll have a blog post & in-world notice (VB Friends group, etc) SOON! 🙂

      She’s got some sample trees out now… in a watery patch of grass next the Haiku Speedbuild pads. (oh, duh! there’s pix of them up above! 😛


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