Avatar Blogger Month – Day 15 Gold Star!

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Aerial view of the Avatar Blogger Crossfit gym at LEA11 in Second Life. A large star with the number 15 on it rotates over the gym and the many treadmill workstations

Avatar Blogger Month is half done! Congratulations to us! A n d . . . time for another gold star!
GoldStar15Here’s your Day 15 Gold Star! Click it once to get the full-sized version, then right-click that and Save As. It’s a .png with transparency, so you can size it as you like and stick it on an image, or just use it plain. If you’re “survived” 15 Days, you should use the star. Don’t sweat details like 15 posts or 12 posts or whatever, if you’ve “been on the team” for 15 days, then GO YOU! 🙂

Upcoming Events:

• Sat 15 June: The Tree of Missing Avatars – Today! 2-5pm SLT!
• Sat 22 June: Club Morpheus – the pulsing dance club with cool peeps and smart talk – the antidote for moronic summer movies!
• Sat 29 June: ABC Wrap Party!
And meanwhile, don’t forget to hit me, or each other, up to go shopping, dancing, look at art, or anything else. You do know about the BONUS points for doing & blogging stuff with other gym members, right? Gold Stars are getting so passe these days, I know you want the ABC Team Platinum Star!

Awesome Workstations!

Check out the awesome Treadmill Work/Out/Station decor from gym members! And remember, all you need to decorate is the VB Friends group tag. (free & open – link at bottom)
click any pix to enter slide show, then use arrow keys to scroll thru!

Berry’s Challenge Gallery

Meanwhile Berry’s long running Monday Meme Challenge “got physical” this week, with her bloggers putting their work up at her gallery just next to the gym. Many ABC Gym members have movie posters there as well as other Meme Challenge participants who came and placed work at the gallery.

Strawberry Singh's "Monday Meme Challenge" art gallery where about 3 dozen avatar bloggers made movie poster parodies about their virtual lives and then placed them in the gallery

Onward to Week 3! (OMG!)

Great job everyone! I’m so happy to be sharing this month with all of you! 🙂


— Vaneeesa

L I N K Y . L I N K Y

• Avatar Blogger Month / Participant List
• Workshop / The Tree of Missing Avatars – Today! Sat 15 June: 2-5pm SLT!
• Second Life URL / LEA11 ABC Gym
• Second Life Group / VB Friends

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3 Responses to “Avatar Blogger Month – Day 15 Gold Star!”

  1. Bumblebee
    2013/06/16 at 05:15 #

    Every time I pass by the Bacon Station, I really think the strips call out to me..”Forget the treadmill take us home with you instead!”

    • Vanessa Blaylock
      2013/06/16 at 07:36 #

      What do you mean you *think* you’ve heard them? I’ve heard them! They’re definitely calling your name! (but try to keep the keyboard clean!)

  2. lizziegudkov
    2013/06/16 at 09:56 #

    Can’t believe we are halfway through! Time flies!