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Plat Du Jour

Drawn by me on Draw Something 2

Drawn by me on Draw Something 2

It’s time to raise the curtain…

That wannabe piglet Miss Piggy made it to our TV screens in the early 70s on The Muppet Show.

Miss Piggy was forever grabbing the little frog that she wanted to marry.  Unfortunately he couldn’t Kermit (…old one).

I drew Miss Piggy wearing a provocative bacon dress for an award ceremony she is about to attend.

My drawing was only partly referenced and I added the rasher for hilarity.

I used highlighters as a main tool and a black crayon for her eye lashes that seem to flutter whenever I view this on my iPad.

Other famous bacon celebrities include:-

  • Jon Hamm
  • Kevin Bacon
  • Sarah Jessica Porker

Miss Piggy… doing what she does best: 

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