Blind Jump Into… Caution!

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“Just don’t trip,” said John.

Annie nodded. She realized she was much faster than her brother, climbing those rocks and jumping from one to the other. John was too cautious, mentally measuring distances, adding the wind factor, the inclination of the rock and the level of slipperiness before even taking a single step. And he was always criticizing her, supervising her actions, her friendships, changing what she decided, controlling her schedules.

“Be careful! Wait for me,” he ordered her, when, in fact, he was trying to calm himself down.

“I will, I will,” and she never stopped. For once, she did something faster and better than he did, and that felt good.


She ignored his pleas and kept on moving until she reached the sign.

“Beat ya!”

John didn’t like his sister’s glee and sulked.

“You didn’t wait for me…”

Annie pointed at the sign.

“It says caution, risk ahead, see? Never forget that, never ever forget that. Do you understand?”

He did.

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