Blind Jump Into… The Book

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A world of ghosts from the past caught up with her when she picked up the book. Reading can be soothing and it can be scary. This particular book was not soothing. It rocked her in an apparent calmness, sheltered by the distance between the imaginary world and her secure self, never taken by surprise. Yet, when she closed her eyes for a second only, a swirl of faces surrounded her in an agonizing stagger. For a moment, she was back on the high ledge of the building, that same building where a hand had pushed her, an anonymous hand, forcing her to regain her balance desperately. Never was she more convinced she would die, but she didn’t. That hand became a face, taken away by the police, a mad man, her stalker. When she woke up, she stopped reading. “It’s only a book,” she thought. However, the ledge and that hand were still in her, suspended in time, perpetually challenging her to keep the balance.

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