Previz #73 – SPF 50

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Photograph of Vanessa Blaylock's chest showing bright red, sunburned skin, and pale, normal flesh colored areas where her bikini top was. Between her breasts, also "sunburned" in is the text "VB49: SPF50, LEA11, Saturday 6 July, 10am - Noon"

It started simply enough. I posted an Instagram pix saying that even though it really wasn’t that hot yet, that I was in a summer state of mind and spent the day at the beach. And that I’d probably gotten too much sun and I hashtagged the post #sunburn

After posting I clicked on the #sunburn hashtag and was amazed at the stream of Instagram toasted bodies (no IG filters required this time! 😛 So I I did a real-time IG post on iRez. Then Agnes started talking about Naked Tuesday and nude beaches. Then Yordie started talking about how she was barely recovering from one sunburn in time to get another at the upcoming American holiday of burnt BBQ meatfood and burnt skin, The Fourth of July! And, well, here it is:

VB49 – SPF 50

DATE: Saturday 6 July
TIME: 10am – Noon PDT
LOCATION: The Beach, @LEA11 in Second Life
MC Yordie: BBQ’s Burgers
MC Agnes: BBQ’s Tofurkey Burgers
MC Peep: Roasts the weiners!

Guys + Girls + All Species are invited to participate. Put your sunburnt skins and tattoo layers on, take your clothes off, and come stand on a sand dune for 2 hours as a living sculpture! If possible, try to arrive before 10am and sit on a pose ball for the 2 hours. All participants and all visitors welcome!

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Sat 6 July – 10am – Noon PDT
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11 Responses to “Previz #73 – SPF 50”

  1. Yordie Sands
    2013/06/30 at 15:32 #

    Erm…. uh… MC Yordie? Huh? What? I’ll bet you have those MC things hooked up to logon ID or something. hehe

    • Vanessa Blaylock
      2013/06/30 at 15:56 #

      well, it WAS all your talk of holiday sunburns that created this whole event – of course you had to be promoted to MC! – who knows… maybe you’ll even show up! … or maybe your alt will…

      you never know…

      • Yordie Sands
        2013/06/30 at 16:07 #

        Oh my, slain with my own rambling talk. I might show up. Maybe I’ll show up as some newbie named mozzarella or cheddar or cream cheese or something.

        • Vanessa Blaylock
          2013/06/30 at 17:59 #

          and THEN the week after you can perfect your alt identity at the Alt Ball

          Feel free to come as any cheese or berry you like. But be warned, Blueberry Blintz is MINE! If you use that name I might have to “go SMO on you!”

          Speaking of which… at the end of July we’re doing the SMO Parade! Where everybody gets to “Go SMO” on everybody else! (we’re scheduling it for the end of our run at LEA11 so nobody has to clean up the morning after – just roll up the whole sim and pretend it was all a dream… you know… “Wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe”

  2. PeepSideshow Darkward
    2013/07/01 at 00:14 #

    If that wasn’t 3am for me, you KNOW I’d be roasting the wieners! 😀

    • Vanessa Blaylock
      2013/07/01 at 08:29 #

      yes, it’s a crappy time slot for China & Western Australia. I recommend a little holiday in Auckland! 🙂

      Now I guess you’re going to have to do the weiners the day before and we’ll just have to microwave reheat them when we serve them to the kids. Oh well… the vagaries of international time…

      • PeepSideshow Darkward
        2013/07/01 at 21:16 #

        I’ll make sure they’re the “plump when you cook them” kind!

        • Vanessa Blaylock
          2013/07/01 at 21:26 #

          OMG! It’s Second Life! EVERYTHING plumps when you cook it! 😛

          • PeepSideshow Darkward
            2013/07/01 at 21:28 #

            Never mind the quality…feel the width!

            LOL I can’t believe I’m actually posting that!

            • Vanessa Blaylock
              2013/07/02 at 11:53 #

              OMG, surfing the wave from pun to porno!

              And what does “plump when you cook ’em” really mean anyway?

              They say that anyone who actually sees what goes into making an avatar would never eat one! O_o


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