Black Bags Release Party

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Black Bags Release Party! Liz Solo plays the new Black Bags record up in the DJ booth as Solo Mornington, Bibbe Oh / Bibbe Hansen, and Vanessa Blaylock dance on the dance floor below.

Liz Solo

The Black Bags Release Party @Club Morpheus! Liz Solo, Director of the Odyssey Art & Performance SIM in Second Life, VBCO Cast Member, and mixed reality performance artist, is also a rock/punk/rock singer of course! Her group The Black Bags just released their new record:

The Black Bag Media Collective is proud to announce the long awaited, much anticipated full length album release from St. John’s’ own rock/punk/rock band The Black Bags (Liz Solo, Mike Kean, Marcel Levandier). Produced by Jody Richardson (Pathological Lovers, Fur Packed Action) and Grant King (Pathological Lovers) the album is coming out on CD and on Vinyl and features 11 songs described by Damian Lethbridge of the as “track after track of pure rock goodness”.

Black Bags Release Party

Physical World Premiere Party
Friday 28 June, 11pm NDT @ Distortion – $10

Virtual World Premiere Party
Saturday 29 June, 8pm PDT @ Club Morpheus – Free

Their much anticipated, self-titled debut was recorded this year by Jody Richardson and Grant King of Pathological Lovers, and it sounds absolutely stunning. Beautifully produced and mixed, the record fuses the grungy sound of the early to mid-nineties St. John’s scene with more modern pop-punk sensibilities… Another great element of The Black Bags sound is the trade off of vocal duties between Liz and Marcel. Although the two alternate as lead singers, its when they come together on tracks such as Never Get Enough and Everything is Leaking that they really shine. From the crisp drums and stuttering bass line of opener Kelowna Rocks, The Black Bags come out swinging and plow through track after track of pure rock goodness.
— Damian Lethbridge

Black Bags Release Party live pix

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