VB48 – Glitch Avatar Pride Parade

Estimated reading time: 1 minutes — In VB48 Glitch Avatar Pride Parade virtual performance artists celebrate glitch culture by becoming glitch avatars. VB48 in the streets of Virtual Amsterdam.

Estimated reading time: 1 minutes —

VB48 poster: A glitchy pinup image with typography. Illustration by Wayne Edson Bryan. Poster is a detail of Bryan's painting. With text, VB48 Glitch Avatar Pride Parade.

Glitch = Life?

Is a glitch a mistake? Like,

Oh, we had clean video for a while, but now it’s all glitchy.

Or is a glitch postmodern freedom? Freedom from the tyranny of modernism’s unforgiving pursuit of perfection. Mies van der Rohe appealed for a clean, controlled world in his famous, “Less is more.” Was Robert Venturi’s riposte a plea for a messy, complex, glitchy world?

Less is a bore.

You saw Star Trek: Into Darkness, right? That was Kahn’s problem. He was all oldschool modernist perfection, like

You don’t fit into my utopia – I kill you all!

As Spock moves from being obsessed with The Prime Directive to the glitchy messiness of experiencing Admiral Pike’s death, he comes to understand a more complex, more inclusive, less “perfect” world.

In VB48 we celebrate our glitchiness. In VB48 we celebrate uncertainty. In VB48 we celebrate indeterminacy. In VB48 we celebrate chaotic noise. In VB48 we celebrate the grain of chaotic sand that makes possible our future cultural pearls.

VB48 – Glitch Avatar Pride Parade

Virtual Amsterdam
23 February 2013

Apmel Goosson
Gina Broono
Monerda Skute
Pixel Reanimator
Trilby Minotaur
Vanessa Blaylock
& Unidentified Prostitute / Terrorist

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