Dancing Avatars (Alt Avatar Ball Report)

Estimated reading time: 1 minutes — Dancing avatars unite at Alt Avatar Bal Masqué! Secret identities revealed as dancing avatars try to guess each other’s alt identity. Club Morpheus, LEA11, Second Life.

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes —

Dancing Avatars: Alt Ball poster image featuring Storm Sygall dancing in the water in front of the stage at Club Morpheus at Alice in Cornelland at LEA11 in Second Life. Over the photo of her dancing in the water is the text "Alt Ball, Club Morphues, 13 July 13"

Dancing Avatars: Storm Sygall dancing to a set by DJ Agnes at the Alt Ball at Club Morpheus


Dancing Avatars

Dancing Avatars: the Alt Ball at Club Morpheus raised L$6,500 for EFF. In the photo a dark haired woman wears an EFF t-shirt that says "EFF You Mother Effer"The Alt Ball is fun because:
1. You get to dance!
2. You get to guess who’s who.
3. Secret identities are revealed!
4. You can win a date with an Oh!
5. You raise L$ so EFF can fight for our freedom online
6. Did I mention dancing avatars?

The Money

Dancing Avatars at the Alt Ball at Club Morpheus yesterday raised L$3,500 for the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) at the Alt Ball. It turns out the EFF has entry level “Silicon Level” memberships for L$6,250, so I kicked in a few more L$ and we made our donation in the form of a Silicon Membership. Maybe next year we could try to step up to a Copper Member donation, which is a mere L$16,250.

The Dates

Oh so exciting! Not only were identities revealed (I’m not naming names HERE! You had to be there!) but peeps won exciting prizes – a date with an Oh! Here are our winners:
1. Blacksnake Nightfire won a date with Bryn Oh!
2. Ardyn Bizet won a date with SaveMe Oh!
3. Aero Bigboots won a date with Agnes Oh Oh!
4. Liv Nirvana won a date with Vaneeesa Oh!

Don’t panic guys, these aren’t “dates” like have dinner and make out! 😛 They’re “dates” like your Facebook “friends” are your real “friends.” They should be called “contacts” but the FB marketing department thought “friends” sounded better. Same with our “dates.” They’re really just 30-60 min meetups. But the Alt Ball Marketing Department thought “Dates” sounded better. Just find a mutually ok time and go look at some art. Or shop. Or dance. Or trade stories. Or how to do stuff. Easy. No stress. But do snap a pix or two and send them to iRez! We like to document stuff!

DJ Agnes

Our host DJ Agnes Sharple organized a super-fun event and she also played a fantastic DJ set. Thank you Agnes! See everyone next time!

L i n k y . L i n k y

• Website: Electronic Frontier Foundation
• Blog: Linden Endowment for the Arts
• LEA Articles: Inara Pey

• iRez: Win a Date with an Oh & Support EFF
• iRez: Alt Avatar Ball

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2 Responses to “Dancing Avatars (Alt Avatar Ball Report)”

  1. Monerda
    2013/07/15 at 00:10 #

    Looks like it was a whole lotta fun! Wish I’d been there :p

    • Vanessa Blaylock
      2013/07/15 at 00:13 #

      OMG neither YOU nor Penny showed up! You really missed it – SO many Alts! So fun! Oh well, you have to come to the next one! 🙂