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Unicorn 2Unicorns kept bouncing up in the Draw Something game when Zynga decided to bombard us with a Minions theme.  I didn’t even know what a Minion was before then.

I draw also for a group on Facebook called Draw Something 2 Fanatics on the DS2 game and as the group is for all ages it gives me the option to draw cute and fluffy things and try out new techniques.  The group was founded by the very lovely Sandy Clarke who acquired Angela Cannon, Tracy Strassburg, Mary Blundell and I as admins to help her out along the way.

For anyone that wishes to join the group please send a request here:

Please also take a look, if you will at Angela’s gallery on Instagram my fellow drawer for DS2 and also long time Draw Something partner: 

Drawn by me on Draw Something 2

Drawn by me on Draw Something

Unicorns are for girls and it is totally out of my comfort zone to draw.  I kept with my regular pens and brushes and found random unicorns on Google for an image in my head and just let the rest appear as I drew.

What color are the unicorns?

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One Response to “UNICORNS”

  1. Vanessa Blaylock
    2013/07/24 at 18:56 #

    Yay for pushing past your comfort zone! (haha, I don’t think unicorns would have been my first choice either)

    Also thanks for sharing the links for your Facebook group and your fellow DS2 / Instagrammer! 😀